Thursday, 17 January 2008

Tired Light

Images, televised and transmitted constantly escape orbit and continue to move through space.

Taking the form of a televisual instillation somewhere in Manchester, Tired Light will act as a hypothetical convergence point for these signals. A bubble where the conditions are such that images intermittently break through the static; interrupting and inflecting each other at random.

The installation will take archival footage that at one time or another has been broadcast and treat it in a similar manner to sound and light as found in the Doppler Effect and Redshift phenomenon; where by sound and light are shifted in pitch and hue respectively according to distance and time traveled.

In dealing directly with historical information that has been ‘travelling’ for a relative period of time, Tired Light is concerned with the potential that the ever increasing distance between the present and an event in the past could have a similar effect on the information surrounding that event. The continual movement into pastness could stretch and shift the information into a different version of itself.

Coherent images shifted into abstraction; historical fact shifted into fiction.

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