Monday, 18 February 2008


Gaps, in-between-spaces, holes and crevices manifested.

Complicated bonding with at-ease support.

Mutual connection of respect.

Marriage/Lean on me.

We are all standing in for something.

"Walking along the Pennine walk I am consuming. Enveloped in time and all things forgotten it has become an object of desire. The liaison is beginning, if I can only get my hands on it.

It begins with a lust, the need for that raw material. I had the most utter fulfilment when I found the first piece lying there, forsaken and unwanted.

A love of the abhorrent, what an antonym!

Optical outlines of aphasia, the objects were alluding to their lost ability to articulate ideas through spoken/written language, invoking dialogue and communicating stillness, they were functioning at last.

No-one knew where they had been found, they didn’t know their past or their previous condemnations, all that is important was what they are doing now; shifting into stylised and mannered sculptures imposing questions with no room for doubt. They had become an object of art and I like the viewer: simply a bystander.

Will you see them? Will they see you?....."

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