Friday, 4 January 2008

'Out of the Ground' is a series of art works that can be physically
engaged with by the public.
Scattered along the Artranspennine route, in more rural settings,
around Leeds, the objects invite the viewer, via stenciled text, "to
play on , pass or return". (An address is painted on the work).
Minsky says of this work,
"I wanted to make a small intervention that would tempt people to
touch, move, handle, throw, kick or return the object. Something
surprising to come across if you were out walking in the countryside,
that might engage you in a different activity for a few minutes, and
then is repositioned by the public" "Where it ends up is out of my
The title refers both to the original home of the objects and their
current location.
Jason Minsky is currently artist in residence at Leeds Rugby,

For more information e-mail Jason Minsky at:

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