Tuesday, 12 February 2008


The Durds will be performing at Islington Mill on Friday from 8pm as part of Artranspennine08

They will be supported by Mark Pilkington/ Anotherthoughtuniverse

(very smart electronic/ electroacoustic music, check out www.thought-universe.co.uk)

Watch this space for further news.

THE DURDS are Electronic folk/ research-based pop with elements of visual art, experimental sound and performance art.

6 songs played electronically with live vocals plus additional sound and music between tracks.

Dan, sits on a chair inside a wooden box, in the dark, singing. An infra-red camera relays images of him to a monitor on top. He cannot see or interact with band or audience, though they can see him.

Last time around (at the Arthouse, for the Chorlton Arts Festival) Fliss and Janet ironed and pegged out pegged out bacon dressed as charladies. This time they’ll be wearing negligees and deep frying odd socks.

The Durds (AKA The Duds) have a CD album out on Orange County, California's Banazan Records.

"If I said there were a million ideas on this record I'd be underestimating by some margin...The Duds take a couple of hundred of those ideas and corral them into one coherent concept, one glorious whole, one 3-minute tune, one minor masterpiece. And then they do it again."- Robots and Electronic Brains zine

There are also (under various names) 3 7" singles and a 12" EP on Eeriephone Records.

“Socially leprous dolly-disco... a freshly chilling sphere of wholesale evil.”- Butterfly Crush zine

Daniel Cray- vocals Felicity Shillingford- visuals Janet Griffiths- visuals

www.myspace.com/thedurds www.myspace.com/flissuk www.myspace.com/janetgriffiths

www.myspace.com/researchbasedpop www.banazan.com

Phone: 07763 751 453 (Dan) Email: daniel_cray@yahoo.com

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