Sunday, 22 April 2007

What is the deadline for submission?

June 12th, 2008! (We have recently extended the submission deadline, though please send any submissions as soon as possible to ensure your inclusion on the blog)

How do I submit a proposal?

Simply select an image that reprersents your work, then send us about 100 words to outline your project, with when and where it is planned to take place. Please e-mail to

When is artranspennine08?

We will be launched June 13th at International3 with an open day the next day. The exhibition will run until August 15th.

Is their a budget?


Where will the work be?

The work is wherever the artist decides, a home, a shed, a warehouse or in the garden in any location across the transpennine route.

Where is the transpennine route?

The image below shows the transpennine route as described by the Trans Pennine Trail website, though we are happy for this to be interpreted however an artist chooses.

Is there a venue?

We do not have a venue, all the work will be placed in the location the artist selects, though we will be having an opening event on June 13th at International 3 with an open day on the 14th of June. Artists will be able to bring ephemera from their projects, meet fellow exhibitors and socialise and celebrate artranspennine 08.

Where are the toilets?

There are many facilities located across the penine route.

For any other questions and to make sure your work is included on this blog then please e-mail:

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