Thursday, 12 June 2008

"We explore the presence of energy within ourselves, and the world around us, through a direct and conscious interaction between the two."

For the past few months Wess and Baskeyfield have been exploring the above statement through the manipulation of sculptural forms - The Frame, The Sheet, and the L Block - all of which relate directly to their earlier work within the studio and emphasise, at this stage, the importance of the studio to their practice.

For Artranspennine 08 Wess and Baskeyfield propose to take these forms outside the confines of the studio to a number of predetermined locations and explore them through the freshness of these new environments, and explore the environments through the forms. A residue of explorations will be left at each site, perhaps a white frame, or something more subtle. The entirety of their exploration will be documented. Wess and Baskeyfield will make journeys over the course of five weeks, on the Friday or the Sunday of each week, starting on Friday 13th June.

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